Made In America: Our Story

My Chic Nest is proud to announce that all our products are now made in the USA. At My Chic Nest we are committed to improving and finding solutions to make our company stronger, and most importantly, our customers happier. At the core of My Chic Nest's success was our formula of both designing and overseeing the manufacturing of our products. This move to the United States was a dream of ours that now allows us to greatly reduce our lead-times while not compromising on design or control.

My Chic Nest was founded in 2012 with one simple goal: bring chic designer furniture to people at affordable prices. At that time, controlling the entire process from concept to design to production at an accessible price was only possible overseas. Our chic products have been well received, but lead times were long. Similar to other companies importing goods for retail, we were exposed to lengthy delays due to international holidays that closed factories for weeks, and delays in transpacific shipping. While 10-14 week delivery times for custom-made furniture is the industry standard, we knew we could do better. And we also knew that if we could work more closely with our craftspeople we could offer a finer product as well as a broader selection of customization options. After many months of searching, we have now found the U.S. craftspeople we need who can give us the quality we require without the time delays of transpacific shipping. We are now producing custom orders of our fabulous designs and shipping in 4-6 weeks. We are thrilled to bring our products and jobs back home, and to proudly say that our entire line is certified as “Made in America"

Sadie Headboard