We are happy to mail up to five of your favorite samples so you can see them in person before making your purchase. Samples are free of charge. For orders of 6 or more, please contact us at [email protected]. In addition to our line of fabrics, we offer the option of C.O.M. (Customer's own material) on any of our upholstered pieces. For more information, please email [email protected].

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Tier 1

Bella White
Peyton Pearl
Bella Pearl
Klein White III
Emanuel White
Vanilla: 1 Benson
Whitney natural
Encore Ivory
Benavento Spa
Dover Muslin
Sachi Glacier
Becker Fog
Unforgettable Stone
Everglades 021
Benavento Stone
Encore Natural
Caitlin Putty
Almond Bennett II
Highlander Goldenrod
Encore Pecan
Encore Shabby Chic
Latte: 25 Benson
Bella Coffee
Liberty Espresso
Encore Espresso
Truffle: 18 Benson
Bella Granite
Mauve: 33 Benson
Savona Fuchsia
Milano Raspberry
Whitney Glacier
Benavento Azure
Zeros Turquoise
Liberty Bayou
Bella Ocean
Bella Nile
Encore Sprout
Highlander Olive
Zeros Green
Zeros Cobalt Blue
Bella Ink
Liberty Azure
Sera Purple
Dove: 6 Benson
Encore Moondust
Liberty Charcoal
Bella Pewter
Bella Black

Tier 2

Dover Muslin Performance
Forever 160
Lulu Otter
Sherlock Dark Gray
Derma Cream Performance Vinyl
Delta 203 Lightgreen
Lulu Sage
Lulu Ocean
Derma Cactus Performance Vinyl
Derma Landscape Performance Vinyl
Grayfield Ash
Derma Chestnut Performance Performance Vinyl
Cosmos Cassis
Lulu Blush
Lulu Fire
Gigi Platinum
Gigi Robins Egg
Meru Potters Wheel
Liberty Coral
Liberty Peach
Liberty Spring


Brasila 210 Line
Brasila 024 Spa


Southpaw Boucle White
Southpaw Boucle Cream
Downtown Glacier
Grande Glacier
Avantegarde Linen Taupe
Murano Natural
Downtown Meadow
Avantegarde Taupe
Cape May Ebony
Southpaw Boucle Mustard
Downtown Seaglass
Avonlea Green
Avonlea Natural
Avonlea Orange
Artisanal Plaid Spa
Disco Teal
Disco Turquoise
Foreshore Mango
Foreshore Marine
Foreshore Mint
Foreshore Sand
Foreshore Walnut
Foreshore Carbon
Southpaw Boucle Pepper

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